About us

Arnold Devroe favourite

Arnold’s combined passion for beautifully designed furniture and contemporary art is what motivates him to put together backtodesign’s collection. Arnold developed his feeling for harmony at home. He literally grew up amongst designer furniture, something that was quite rare at the time. Now many people look for vintage design, whether this is a unique item with a story behind it or something that catches the eye and the heart.

Backtodesign allows Arnold to share his passion with like-minded people who he brings together around vintage art and design. Arnold is extremely careful about selecting the items he offers. He does not let himself be swayed by a certain style, location or designer, instead he is led by typical furniture from the period between 1940 and 1990 and by what makes customers like you happy.

"Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design"

Charles Eames

All objects are rigorously checked for authenticity. You know exactly what you are buying. The previous owners of each object gave it the necessary care and attention so that it is now nicely aged and patinated. These signs of use and the aged look of the materials only increase the beauty of vintage design furniture and art over time.

Arnold purposely chooses to keep the objects in their authentic condition and does not alter or repair them in any way. Otherwise, the item loses its individuality and soul. Out of respect for the object and for customers, he is very motivated and passionate about searching for authenticity.


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