Axella design for Søholm Stentøj


A pair of wall lamps


Product Description

Axella design

A pair of wall lamps


H:23cm  Dia:24,5cm

Marked Søholm A/S, Rønne, Denmark

Søholm Stentøj, Denmark, 1970’s

The pottery Axella design was founded by Danish ceramist Aksel Larsen, around 1970. Danish ceramicist Jette Hellerøe was the most famous pottery maker, who worked for Axella Design. The company closes in 1987.

Søholm Stentøj (Soholm Stoneware) dates back to the first half of the 17th century on the Danish island, Bornholm, which is famous for its pottery and fine ceramics. Søholm was founded in 1835, in Rønne, Bornholm by Herman Sonne Wolffsen (1811-1887) and Edvard Christian Sonne, making it one of the oldest ceramic factories on Bornholm, until its closure in 1996.