Aissa Dione





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Aissa Dione (n. 1952)


Bois de Dimb

H: 82cm  L: 99cm  P: 30cm

Sénégal, années ‘90


Aissa Dione

Aissa Dione (b.1952, France) whas been devoted herself for many years to the development of know hows in West Africa, mainly in the sector of Textile Art.

Her goal is to prove that an internal economical development is possible by using local resources not only material resources  but also  human. Meaning to link traditional know how to industrial competence. So her philosophy is to enhance the cotton produced in West Africa through the vector of contemporary design.

In order to achieve this idea, she decided to federate the talents and build a formal company so as to promote a new type of “soft” Industry, mixing Art, Design and Industry.