Jules Wabbes


Enfilade DG 130


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Jules Wabbes (1919–1974)

Enfilade  DG 130

Palissandre, portes coulissantes en stratifié noir, acier chromé

H:73cm  L:130cm  P: 50cm

Edition Mobilier Universel, Bruxelles, vers 1968

Jules Wabbes

Jules Wabbes (1919–1974), was a famed and accomplished Belgian furniture designer and interior architect. Born in Brussels, Wabbes began his career as an actor and after several other jobs, he opened an antique shop in Brussels. He was very talented with placing interesting objects, some customers asked for advice on placing the furniture and that lead him to begin with interior decoration. He liked old furniture and furniture pieces that were manufactured with recycled materials. With his interests, he opened a restoration workshop and studied the construction techniques of old furniture. His friends in the art community encouraged Wabbes to move to contemporary designs. As a committed modernist, he started to create his own furniture and was chosen by several Belgian administrations to design and create functional furniture. All his works are based on the expression of pure quality with excellent materials (plain wood, metal). He is especially famous for his office desks, tables and casts. At the end of his career, he was widely considered the most accomplished designer of the second half of the 20th century. Jules Wabbes was chosen by the Belgian airline Sabena to study the interior of their aircraft. He worked with Sabena engineers and visited the factories of Douglas Aircraft Company, Santa Monica in California and San Diego at Convair. Wabbes was awarded several prizes, notably the Milan Triennal fair and he was considered at the time as one of the most talented Belgian interior architects. In April 1965, he was appointed "Knight of the order of the crown", in Belgium.