Markus Friedrich Staab



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Markus Friedrich Staab (n. 1964)


Bois peint et laqué, pieds en métal peint d’origine

H: 70cm L: 175cm P: 60cm

Allemagne, vers 1960

Ce banc portant le nom Blue Rain & Future Rock’n’Roll, a été conçu à l’origine pour la cour de Hambourg, dans les années 1960. Révisité par Markus Friedrich Staab, qui a l’a peint, remodelé et reverni avec 12 couches laque 2K.


Markus Friedrich Staab

Markus Friedrich Staab was born in 1964 in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

He’s a self-taught artist and designer. In 1986 he opened his studio called Atelier Staab where he was active as a visual artist in sculpturing, painting & composing.

In 2010 he started working with „re-cycled and found objects“.

He paints and transforms existing, mostly vintage furniture into unique pieces, thereby adding new value and a sense of life to otherwise overlooked everyday or even historical objects.

Staab’s work is included in a variety of private collections.