Nisse Strinning



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Nisse Strinning (1917-2006)


Bois d’orme et métal laqué noir

H: 157cm L: 103cm P: 37,5cm

Suède, années 1950

Nisse Strinning

Nils "Nisse" Strinning (1917-2006) was a Swedish architect and designer.

In the 1940s, he studied architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Already as a student, he designed a dish rack which consisted of plastic coated metal wires. The dish rack, which was named Elfa, became very popular.

Nisse Strinning was best known for the String bookshelf system that he and his wife, the designer Kajsa Strinning, designed in 1949 for a contest initiated by Bonnier public library.

In 1952 he founded the two companies String Design AB and Swedish Design AB. Together with his wife, he also designed many plastic items from the 60s until the 70s.