Elio Martinelli


Tafellamp n°615




Elio Martinelli (1921-2004)

Tafellamp n°615

Wit geëmailleerde metalen voet en kap

H.: 30cm

Martinelli Luce editie, Italië, circa 1970

De tafellamp Model No. 615 van Elio Martinelli is een stijlvol product waarvan het ontwerp kennelijk Italiaans is.



Elio Martinelli

Elio Martinelli (1921-2004) studied as a set designer at the Institute of Fine Arts in Florence before he began contributing to his father’s business within the lighting sector. Using the experience gained from several years of design, Martinelli began designing and installing his own lighting systems in the premises he was outfitting. This led to the development of what would become Martinelli Luce in the 1950s, now a world-renowned manufacturer of lighting systems. The company is now run by his daughter and grandson.