Rogier Vandeweghe


Keramische schaal




Rogier Vandeweghe (g.1923)

Keramische schaal

Keramiek, oxidatie-glazuur


Perignem, Beernem, België, jaren 1960

Gesigneerd Perignem


Rogier Vandeweghe

Rogier Vandeweghe (b. 1923) is a Belgian ceramist, glass artist, calligrapher and painter. He grew up in Beernem.

Roger received his artistic training at the art institute Sint-Lucas in Ghent (1940-1945), followed by a short internship in 1947 with Joost Maréchal. Shortly after, Rogier started a ceramics workshop with his brother Laurent Vandeweghe in Aalter. A few years later they built a larger company in Beernem on their father’s land. Their studio was named Perignem (through the fire). Rogier presented himself as the artistic leader who created the designs and also painted the ceramic objects. In 1954 he also started the production of stained-glass windows.

Two styles dominated his design: the copy-antique and a more folk-traditional style such as in Maréchal’s work.