Franco Raggi & Daniela Puppa


Oz lamp



Franco Raggi (g.1945) & Daniela Puppa (g.1947)

Oz lamp


H: 41,5cm  Dia: 32cm

Editie Fontana Arte, Italië, 1981


Franco Raggi & Daniela Puppa

Franco Raggi (b.1945) graduated in Architecture from Milan Polytechnic and in the same year started work for Nizzoli Associati.

Between 1975 and 1977, he was coordinating secretary for the Visual-Architecture Arts Section at the Biennale in Venice. He was manager of the “Raccolta del Design” section at the Triennale in Milan between 1979 and 1980, organizing various exhibitions in the early eighties.

He has designed architectures, layouts, exhibitions, books, scenery, rooms and articles for famous international design companies.

He has a longstanding partnership with Fontana Arte,  in the early eighties, with Daniela Puppa he designed the layouts for events starring the company. Since the late eighties he has created numerous successful projects for Fontana Arte.

In his role as author he has taken part in a large number of exhibitions and held conferences and seminars all over the world.

Daniela Puppa (b.1947) graduated in Architecture from Milan Polytechnic.

Multi-talented architect and designer, she manages to move casually and with curiosity from product to fashion design.

She came to the world of design through experimentation with the avant-garde groups Alchimia and Memphis. Since then she has never stopped, ranging from furniture, to lighting engineering and textile design.

During her partnership with Fontana Arte, in the early eighties, with Franco Raggi she designed the layouts for events starring the company. In 1992 she designed Prima Signora, a timelessly elegant floor lamp, for Fontana Arte